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The Nerdvana team has answered to the most frequently asked questions. You may find the answers below.

Using The Platform

Nerdvana Education is an online educational platform. Besides the courses which take place at our center, we offer our resources to those who are not able to join our educational center.

The access on the platform is free to everyone. Anyone can make a free account on the platform, without paying any kind of subscription.

No. The platform does not need any third party applications. It will run on any modern web browser. For the best experience, we recommend using it with Google Chrome.

Yes. The platform may be accessed on any kind of device which enables web browsing. It has been built to be used on mobile phone, tablets and computers. We recommend using a device which has a bigger screen, to make the study experience more pleasant.

The access on the platform is permitted using one device at a time. In order to use it on another device, you must logout first and then try to login into the new device.

Buying Products

Some courses or products have a fee and must make an online buying transaction. For this, it is necessary to create a free account on the platform. Then, the process is similar to any other online store.

Until now, the platform accepts online payments using credit / debit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron), through the 3D Secure service offered by Transilvania Bank, and using PayPal, where payments can be done with Euro and USD.

No. We do not store such information. When you proceed to checkout, the payment (the screen where your card’s information is required) happens on a secure page provided by the Transilvania Bank or PayPal.

No. You can read more about this on “Terms and Conditions” page.

Course Materials

First, you need to create a free account on the platform. Then, you may access any free course and, if you buy, any paid course, by clicking on “Start Course” button.

Yes and no. The platform offer both free and paid courses. Free courses are accessible just by creating a free account. Paid courses are available after buying it.

All the courses we offer are created by having the same quality standard of information and are carefully written by our teachers. The free courses aim to help students understand basic knowledge about the subject. Also, we like you to explore our teaching methods and to see how things work on the platform.

Obviously, everyone has access to the same content as you, both free or paid. But when you create an account, the content is associated to it. So, whenever you start a course, pay for one or complete one, all this is associated only to your account. Nobody can modify this or get access to it.

The content of the published courses on the platform belong to this website and to the teachers who created it. It can be used only if the source is credited (next to the place where it is used a link to this website should be printed), just like any citation made in a digital or non-digital material.

Based on our terms and conditions:

  • you are not allowed to use any of our materials (partially or fully) in commercial activities;
  • you are not allowed to use any of our materials (partially or fully) in other educational activities from which you may gain any benefits (financial, branding, etc.).

Other Questions

The stored personal data, as they are considered by the current legislation, stored by the platform are:

  • full name
  • email (for account identification)
  • billing address (necessary to create the invoice upon payment)

This data are used only inside our platform and we never exploit it in any way, nor do we provide it to any third parties. These data are necessary for making the platform work correctly and mandatory to create invoices. You can read more about this on the page “Privacy Policies“.

Access to your own personal data can be made though a request inside your account menu, under “My Account”, section “Export Data”. The administrator will process the request and send you an email.

Once an account is deleted, all the personal data is being deleted forever.

The platform has a built-in messaging system, just like other known services on the internet. The purpose of this system is to facilitate user communication on educational matters.

Yes. The teachers and instructors accounts are public and you may send them questions or messages through the built-in messaging system.

Don’t worry if you do not get an answer immediately. Usually, they are assaulted by requests and answers take a little bit of time.

We believe that teaching through gaming grant results so we included this here too. Studying on the platform gives you Nerd points. The more you get, the quicker you increase your Nerd level and get Nerd badges. The more badges you get and the higher level you are, the more you can brag among your friends about your intellectual.

Ask for Assistance

If you still have not found the answer to your question, you can write to us here. The Nerdvana Team will answer as soon as possible to help you.