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Nerdvana online courses features

Free Registraton

You can setup your own account and benefit from the free courses we provide and the direct interaction with all the Nerdvana community.

Premium Courses

Necessary knowledge for specializing on a proper subject are carefully structured and researched, for a better understanding.

Training for Competitions

The components of the Nerdvana courses are made up in order to improve skills for olympiads and other competitions.

Assistance from Instructors

Individual study is important, but the Nerdvana instructors will answer to your additional questions.

Nerdvana Certificates

Finish sets of courses and Nerdvana instructors will validate the knowledge and skills you got proficient in.

Learn by Gaming

The more you study, the more you are rewarded. Collect the badges and rank up better then your friends.

Latest courses

Computer Programming

We follow the curricula for the computer programming olympiad which happens in Romania, but we also offer courses that are essential to any student: structural thinking, algorithm implementation, web design and little tips and trick to make life easier, using a computer.

Computer Programming


We mainly focus on Lego Mindstorms EV3 and offer base knowledge which any young student can follow and learn. For the high achievers, we offer algorithms used in national and international competitions.

Other courses

We try to cover as much as we can to help young students and offer essential courses in many fields of study: mathematics, physics and even Romanian language.

Other courses

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